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Sayfli Benefits


Compassionate Support: Experience the freedom to express yourself without the fear of judgment. Sayfli is designed to provide empathetic responses, offering you a safe space to share your innermost thoughts and concerns.

No Emotional Toll on Others

Share your feelings and challenges without worrying about overburdening friends or family.

Safe Space to Talk

Speak Freely: In this safe space, you're free to explore your thoughts, feelings, and challenges without restraint.


Completely Confidential

Secure Conversations: Communication is encrypted in transit and at rest, your discussions remain private. Audio conversations are not stored. Data is not sold. Feel secure knowing that your conversations are confidential, with no risk of eavesdropping.

Speak in Multiple Languages

Sayfli comprehends and responds in 30 widely spoken languages, ensuring your thoughts and feelings are understood perfectly.

Choose from a Variety of Voices

Sayfli can talk using different voices, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you the most.

24/7 Presence

Sayfli is your ever-present AI conversation partner, ready to listen, understand, and engage no matter the hour.

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6000 credits

Able to comprehend 30 languages

Access to the whole range of voices

24/7 access

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Word from the maker

Remus the Maker of Sayfli

Remus here 👋, the heart and mind behind Sayfli.

Sayfli was born from recognizing a simple yet profound need: the freedom to express our innermost thoughts without fear or judgment. It's about creating a bridge—a connection between the silent conversations we have with ourselves and the world outside. Sayfli isn't here to replace the irreplaceable: the warmth of human conversation and the invaluable exchanges with those we hold dear. Rather, it's here to be the first step on a path towards open, meaningful engagement with ourselves and, ultimately, with each other.

In crafting Sayfli, my mission was clear: to complement, not substitute.

Sayfli is designed to be a supportive tool, an aid that encourages us to explore and practice the insights and strategies that are recommended by mental health professionals. It's about enhancing human effort, not diminishing it.

The essence of Sayfli revolves around the symbiosis between human vulnerability and AI's empathetic potential. It's about leveraging technology for a greater good—fostering a world where we're more connected to ourselves and each other, enhancing our collective ability to communicate, understand, and empathize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sayfli FAQ
  • What is Sayfli?

    Sayfli is an AI-driven platform that offers you a confidential space to voice your concerns and feelings, designed to understand and communicate in 30 languages. It provides empathetic support without judgment, ensuring your privacy and security.

  • We prioritize your privacy with end-to-end encryption and encryption at rest for the data that is being stored, ensuring a secure environment where your discussions are shielded from external access.

  • Sayfli is versatile, supporting 30 widely spoken languages to accommodate a global user base, ensuring no language barrier hinders your ability to express yourself. English, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Hindi are just some of them.

  • While Sayfli provides emotional support and a platform for self-expression, it's not in any way a replacement for professional therapy. It serves as a preliminary step towards self-awareness and can be used alongside professional counseling.

  • Your conversation time with Sayfli is based on a credit system, where credits are converted into seconds of conversation time. These credits can be purchased through our PAY ONCE, TOP-UP ANYTIME system. This means you can buy credits as needed without any subscription or recurring fees. The more credits you have, the longer you can converse with Sayfli. This flexible approach ensures you always have access to support when you need it, with the freedom to add more conversation time at your convenience.

  • Sayfli utilizes empathetic responses and active listening to provide a supportive, judgment-free environment. It engages with your thoughts and feelings through insightful questions and reflective responses, ensuring you feel heard and understood. This active engagement promotes a supportive atmosphere for emotional exploration and personal growth.

  • Interacting with Sayfli in different languages can also help you practice and improve your language skills. However, it's important to note that Sayfli is not specifically designed as a language learning tool.

Sayfli Testimonial

Nina Levin

As someone who spent 7 years working the realm of mental health, tools like this are incredibly useful. It's the work that happens between couple's therapy appointments that is the most important, and great to see tools to make those interactions better.

Sayfli Testimonial

Majo Mendoza

This can help busy people who do not have enough time to interact with their friends and family.

Sayfli Testimonial

Matthew Sander

This where AI should head - helping people improve mentally, physically and socially.

Because sometimes,
you just need to say it out loud.

Your trusted AI conversation partner, listening without judgment